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Waterloo Italian Heritage Project Launch

It’s been nearly a year since “Narrarsi Altrove: Viaggio tra i cimeli e i luoghi dell’anima” was launched at St. Jerome University’s Fireplace Lounge, Sweeney Hall. That book was the culmination of over three years’ work by SJU Italian Professor Emeritus Gabriel Niccoli, Italian Canadian poet Anna Ciardullo Villapiana and Stella Paolo. Much has unfolded since that evening regarding this well-received and highly-esteemed work.

On behalf of Gabriel, Anna, Roberta, Battista and Stella, we are now inviting you to attend another event, the launch of a website, which will showcase:

  • Oral History Interviews
  • Waterloo Oral History exhibits page
  • Selected poems from “Narrarsi Altrove”

The community engaged research in Italian Heritage (Research Ethics Board #41139) at St. Jerome’s University is an ongoing endeavour designed to benefit the local Italian community and catalyze partnerships with other archival initiatives such as the Italian Canadian Archives Project (ICAP). The SSHRC Exchange-funded digital repository showcases students’ interviews with members of the local Italian community about their immigration experience in Canada. The new digital repository will feature data gathered by the Italian Heritage project in 2019 and ongoing from 2023 (after the interruption of Covid-19) and will be linked to the often-visited St. Jerome’s Library webpage. Following the launch of this website, Italian Studies at SJU will seek additional partnerships with existing archives in the KW area to ensure that the repository of the Waterloo Italian-Canadian community continues to align with the ICAP mandate.

Please see the attached flyer for more information!!

Looking forward to seeing many of you there!!