Canadian Museum of History
Mauro Peressini, ICAP board member (2010-2014) is Curator, Social History) and is responsible for the exhibition and collection titled, Presenza. The CMH hosted the 4th Annual conference, where ICAP launched and held its first AGM
Canadian Association for Italian Studies
The Canadian Association for Italian Studies is an international organization composed mainly of academics, although a good number of our members come from outside the university. ICAP holds update sessions at CAIS annual conferences.
Clara Thomas Archives and Special Collections – York University
The Clara Thomas Archives and Special Collections and its archivist Michael Moir, have been official ICAP collaborators since 2016. ICAP has facilitated the collection of the following Italian-Canadian collections: Angelo Principe Papers and Luigi Nasato fonds
Casa d’Italia Montréal
Nancy Marelli, ICAP Board Member maintains the archives at Casa d’Italia Montreal. The Casa d’Italia sustains local heritage by actively collecting documents and oral history that is catalogued and contained in the archives. The Casa d’Italia co-hosted ICAP’s 3rd Workshop and Conference with Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Montréal.
Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21
Pier 21 supports the efforts of ICAP by providing ICAP members and researchers with relevant information related to Italian immigration to Canada. ICAP welcomes Carrie-Ann Smith, Vice-President Audience Engagement to its Board.

Visit the Story Bar | Pier 21 here.
Vancouver Italian Cultural Centre
The Vancouver Italian Cultural Centre and its archivist, Angela Clarke, ICAP Board member, hosted host ICAP’s 5th annual Workshop / Conference in 2015. They collaborate with ICAP by organizing activities that support and fulfill the mission of preserving the contributions of Italian-Canadians with special, but not exclusive emphasis on British Columbia.
NCIC Ottawa
The National Congress of Italian Canadians, founded in 1974, is a not-for-profit, non-politically affiliated organization representing the political, social and cultural interests of over 1.5 million Italian-Canadians in Canada. The National Capital District connects individuals, associations and businesses within the Ottawa-Italian community and fosters ongoing relationships with other multiethnic communities within the greater Ottawa area. In addition, NCIC Ottawa promotes, cultivates and creates awareness of the many projects of common interest and welfare related to the Italian-Canadian community and their rich cultural heritage.
Associazione Legami Lontani

The Associazione Legami Lontani, based in Fontechiari (FR) Italy, is a non-profit association that studies local emigration, in particular the flows that have affected the territory of Fontechiari. Over the last ten years the association has collected stories, photos and documents on the phenomenon of local emigration in the 20th century. In the full spirit of the association the research work is carried out in synergy between researchers and members of local communities, Italian and Canadian, supporting those distant links between communities and migrants, from which the name of the association (Legami Lontani) is inspired. Over the years, the association has recounted emigration through various photographic exhibitions and a website. Currently the association is working on the digitization of the archive as well as a paper publication.

Ontario Historical Society (OHS)
Also one of ICAP’s founding members, the Ontario Historical Society, supports ICAP with its expertise and documentation. The Executive Director, Rob Leverty acts as an advisor to the Board of Directors.
Sarnia-Lambton's Italian-Canadian Community Narratives Project: Phase One
Thanks to a generous grant from the Documentary Heritage Communities Program (DHCP), the digitization and preservation of Sarnia-Lambton’s Italian heritage is underway. Thousands of photographs, documents, and other materials have been digitized for long-term preservation online. Thirty Italian Canadians in Sarnia have shared their personal histories of life in Sarnia, and their experiences in Italy and of immigration to Canada. A further twenty interviews conducted on cassettes in the late 1980s and early 1990s have also been digitized. These materials will be available shortly on ICAP's sister site, the Italian-Canadian Narratives Showcase (ICNS). Michael Iannozzi, (4th-year PhD candidate, Western U.) has led the digitization effort in Sarnia-Lambton, with the incredible support of community leader, Caroline Di Cocco. He has also written documents on best practices, instructions on how to conduct oral histories, and published about the importance of preserving the Italian-Canadian Heritage, and any immigrant community’s heritage.
York University Libraries
Patron-Driven Acquisitions and the Development of Research collections: The Case of the Portuguese Canadian History Project. Michael B. Moir, University Archivist and Head, Clara Thomas Archives and Special Collections, York University Libraries
The Italian Heritage Project · The Italian Heritage Project
The Italian Heritage Project is an initiative in collaboration with the Italian Canadian Archives Project (ICAP) and the University of Guelph, that was born of a fortunate convergence of events.
Fallen Workers Project
Emigration of the Zoppolani
An investigation of the departures and arrivals of a group of Zoppolani, Italians from the northeast of Italy who travelled through Ellis Island to British Columbia in search of work between 1906 and 1923. Research lead by Gabriella Colussi Arthur based on archival materials created by G. Scardellato and R. Perin.
Well-Being Among Italian-Canadians
A SSHRC-funded research project addressing issues related to culture and well-being among Italian Canadians in Cape Breton, southern Ontario, and the lower mainland of British Columbia. *Location of lead researcher, Sam Migliore.
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