For Statute-based Organizations
For Community-level Action
For Individuals
We are an organization that represents Italian Canadians who originate from a specific Italian region. Is ICAP relevant to us?
Absolutely. Your organization constitutes one of the voices of the Italian-Canadian narrative in Canada. ICAP invites you to become an organizational member so that your good work can be guided and listed as part of the national ICAP network.
What benefits does an ICAP organizational membership provide?
ICAP organizational membership provides access to expert advice and assists in initiating the process of long-term access to your existing collections without additional charges. Moreover, in the event that ICAP applies for project funding, ICAP gives preference to working with  organizational members as partners.
Is ICAP assistance free?
Yes, once you are a member.
Do we need money to do this?
Not right away. ICAP provides advice and resources for community action.
We are interested in finding, organizing, and sharing our materials at the community-level. How do we get started?
Your community needs advice and tools. ICAP is here to help you.
Am I able to gather any of these materials and identify them? (i.e. people, places, dates)
Most likely. It’s a question of locating what you have and identifying the persons, places, and dates involved for each piece. As an individual, you may need to talk to your immediately family and friends to do so. Senior family members and friends may be especially invaluable to you. ICAP is here to help you.
Are any of our family’s photos, artistic creations, letters, business documents, (or similar) of interest outside our family?
Absolutely. Some of your items may be the missing link in understanding past experiences in the Italian-Canadian narrative. ICAP invites you to Tell us what you have.
Am I aware of my family’s history and is it important?
You may not be aware of the importance of knowing and sharing your family’s history as a rich and exciting contribution to Canada’s social history. It is our everyday stories that link us together and represent a shared experience and common narrative. ICAP is here to help you.
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