April 28, 2020 at 1:36 pm
Dear ICAP Members and Supporters, Given the uncertainty that the COVID19 pandemic has created, the 10th anniversary Conference Showcase will be postponed until September 2021. However, plans for a virtual AGM are expected to proceed and news will follow. ICAP has endeavored to complete very important work during the last ten years; slowly, but surely. It has brought together communities, individuals, and experts as part of an effort to secure the Italian-Canadian contribution to Canada’s narrative, past and present. Via ICAP’s website (icap.ca), we continue moving forward with projects in our local ICAP Communities and consolidating our online presence. Moving forward, ICAP is pleased to announce the May 1st launch of our sister site, namely, the Italian-Canadian Narratives Showcase (ICNS), that will be available directly from ICAP’s homepage. This platform will showcase a variety of projects completed by our ICAP communities, collaborators, and members. A few projects will be available for viewing initially and this will grow. For those who wish to undertake new projects, ICAP is currently finalizing all pertinent details for vetting; to be made available by clicking on TOOLKIT. There you will find information on how to collect and organize relevant documents; how to record stories via social media devices and more; then, where to send for final review and approval on the site. The ICNS Advisory Board comprised of ICAP Board Members, affiliated experts, and volunteers will provide feedback concerning submissions. So, please renew or become an ICAP member as soon as possible. During COVID19, undertaking a small project with friends and family or among the members of your ICAP committee will keep you active, invigorate your days and ensure that we keep on course for documenting the Italian-Canadian contribution to Canada’s narrative, past and present. To contact us, please write to icap@icap.ca. ANNOUNCEMENTS & SUCCESSES New publication. Foodways Worldwide: The Dispersal of Italian Cuisine; edited by Roberta Iannacito-Provenzano and Gabriele Scardellato; published by Soleil Publishing (Welland, ON), 2019. ICAP collaborator, Ontario Historical Society launches the Ontario History Journal Digital Archive, the largest collection of articles on Ontario's History.  For information see: https://ontariohistoricalsociety.ca/ontario-history-journal/. For access to back issues, see: https://ontariohistoricalsociety.ca/back-issues/ From ICAP London. On March 4th, 2020, ICAP London hosted author Nino Ricci, author of award-winning novel The Origin of Species and of the Lives of the Saints trilogy, the latter adapted as a miniseries starring Sophia Loren. To begin proceedings, three local community members spoke briefly, each recounting some interesting episodes of their lives. The author then took the stage and spoke to community members and students about how his trilogy, of which Lives of the Saints is the first volume, was born from a series of meetings and interviews with Italians who had settled in Canada. This event took place as a complement to the "Stories of Italian-Canadians" course at Western University and was the last such student and community event possible prior to the pandemic emergency measures taken in Ontario.
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Happy New Year 2020!

January 13, 2020 at 2:36 pm
Happy New Year 2020! As we recently tweeted, this year marks our 10th anniversary.  PLEASE SAVE THE DATE for our 10th Annual CONFERENCE & AGM that will be divided into two sessions: a Reception & Showcase on Thursday, September 10th and our Conference & AGM on Friday, September 11th.  Full details will be released in spring. Our 9th conference in late October at Brock University, dedicated to the theme of The Italian-Canadian Experience in the Workplace was a rousing success. Featuring the workplace experiences of Italian-Canadian workers from the Niagara Region, with St. Catharines at its center, presentations on the first evening of proceedings included a glimpse into the heart-wrenching stories of the building of The WellandCanal by Arden Phair, retiredCurator of the St. Catharines Museum from his work as co-author of his work titled, Triumph and Tragedy: The Welland Ship Canal; as well as, dramatic stories of those who lost their lives in Canada, the seminal and groundbreaking collection titled the Italian Fallen Workers Memorial Project by Marino Toppan and Paola Breda and presented by Paola Breda. Led by David Sharron, Head of Archives & Special Collections at Brock University, the session shed enormous light on how to deal with the challenges and successes of collecting, working and managing archives and special collections. The dinner speaker was Donald Ziraldo, the Canadian winemaker and businessman; Member of the Order of Canada who donated his personal papers to the Special Collections, Brock University Library Archives. He commented on his immigrant family, farming, and nursery roots in the Niagara region and the events that led to his role as entrepreneur, to eventually evolve into one of the most important figures in Canadian wine history, credited with starting the first winery in Canada since Prohibition with his partner in winemaking, Karl Kaiser and, together, founding Inniskillin Winery in Niagara. On Saturday, our second guest speaker and renowned photographer, Vincenzo Pietropaolo presented his collection The Italian Immigrant Experience Revealed, bringing to a close his two-week exhibition in the MIWSFPA Visual Art Gallery(VISA Gallery), which we all visited. As is ICAP’s usual practice, we heard updates on Models of Community Activity and Support from our board members, Caterina Sotiriadis (Winnipeg) on her team’s progress in collecting oral history recordings and collaborating with the Manitoba Archives; Nancy Marrelli (Montreal) on her latest work, at the Italian-Canadian Archives of Quebec, housed at the Casa d’Italia and assisted by he successful intern from Young Canada Works program; Antonella Fanella (Calgary) on moving forward with the oral history of Gina Attanasio Bloomer and Nancy Spina (P.E.I) on her work in establishing links with the local Italian Canadian Cultural Association (ICCA) established in 1973 and on the success of her Halifax grant on a project titled Italian-Canadian Women’s Voices, a collection of ten stories.  Eminent historian and Professor Emerita, Carmela Patrias, author of Jobs and Justice: Fighting Discrimination in Wartime Canada, 1939-1945, chaired the first afternoon session on Discrimination, Fatal Accidents and Labour Disputes. Matteo Brera, Post-doctoral Fellow presented documents from Il Lavoratore on Mediatizing Worker’Rights, Social Politics and Anti-Fascist Propaganda in Inter-War Canada (1936-1937) using fonds from Clara Thomas Archives,York University; and Gilberto Fernandes, Post-Doctoral Visitor, Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies, York University presented Episode 2, “The Jungle” on the Brandon Union Group and Strikesof 1960-1961 taken from his seminal documentaries and website archive titled City Builders, A History of Immigrant Construction Workers in Postwar Toronto. A feature of the afternoon was a round table and book presentation on the most recent publication by Konrad Eisenbichler, one of ICAP’s board members, titled Forgotten Italians: Julian-DalmatianWriters and Artistsin Canada. This collection of articles on the Giuliano-Dalmata community in Canada is published by the University of Toronto Press (2019). After a historical introduction by Eisenbichler on the exile of this community from their native lands in Istria, Fiume/Rijeka, and Dalmatia and a chapter by Rosanna Turcinovich Giuricin on the dynamics between esuli and rimasti, the book presents eleven articles by scholars in Canada, the USA, Italy, and Croatia on various artists and writers from the Giuliano-Dalmata community in Canada such as Mario Duliani, Gianni Angelo Grohovaz, Diego Bastianutti, Caterina Edwards, Vittorio Fiorucci, and Silvia Pecota. For further information, see: https://utorontopress.com/ca/forgotten-italians-2 ICAP is also pleased to announce that ICAP members and collaborators, Marino Toppan and Paola Breda, co-authors of the Fallen Workers Memorial Project (Monumento ai Caduti; http://www.monumentoaicaduti.com/) have been awarded a gold medal by the Government of Italy, an award given for the first time ever outside Italy. The Medaglia d'Oro was presented to the Italian Fallen Workers Memorial Project and to Toppan and Breda for their ground-breaking archival research on Italian-Canadian immigration.  Last, but not least, ICAP wishes to remind our readers that a list of collaborations (research projects and the like) may be found on https://icap.ca/collaborations/. Examples of ICAP’s 2019 successes include: (1) materials now permanently housed at the Clara Thomas Archives at York University, such as the Angelo Principe collection of Italian-Canadian newspapers, just to name one; (2) funding from the federal government (DHCP) for Sarnia-Lampton Archive (ICAP Sarnia); (3) the private donation for the Gianna Antanasio Bloomer oral history (ICAP Calgary); (4) the new collaboration with Manitoba Provincial Archives to house the oral history project underway in Winnipeg (ICAP Manitoba); (5) the OMEKA website platform (hosted by the University of Guelph) to house all ICAP-related projects across Canada (e.g. student oral history projects, local communities’ projects ; teaching materials, and more); (6) the donation of Noelle Elia’s project, the Franco Grosso cart and materials, to the Canadian Museum of History.
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The Italian Canadian Archives Project Ninth National Conference at Brock University

April 10, 2019 at 6:46 pm
ICAP has been slowly growing its community network across Canada, with Alberta and Manitoba creating their own ICAP committees in 2018 and the University of Calgary in collaboration with the Calgary Italian Club co-hosting an extraordinarily successful 8th conference, August 24-26, 2018, on the theme of Italian-Canadian Experiences: Today’s Legacy, Strengths and Risks. We invite you to read the conference summary at https://icap.ca/conferences/. Continuing on the strength of all its previous conferences, ICAP is now pleased to announce its Call for Presentations (CFP) for the 9th annual conference and AGM, to be held in St. Catharines, Ontario on October 25th-26th, 2019, hosted by the Brock University on the theme of Italian-Canadian Experiences in Canada’s Work Force. Presentations focusing on industrialization and contributions by Italians in the Niagara Region will be given special consideration. The 9th Conference plans to feature the history and the many contributions of the Italian worker to their local communities and in particular, to the Niagara Region. Archival evidence (such as letters, family photographs) of Italians in Canada during any of the waves of immigration that demonstrate their contributions to industrial projects, loss of work during WWII, or as fallen workers are welcome. We invite all those with interest and evidence of Italian immigration and work experience in Ontario and across Canada—students, local community groups, artists, authors, poets, archivists and academics alike—to participate actively and share their perspectives and stories. 9th annual CFP—click here.
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University of Calgary and Glenbow announce historic initiative

November 23, 2018 at 8:00 pm
University of Calgary and Glenbow announce historic initiative Glenbow Western Research Centre at the University of Calgary will increase access, teaching and research opportunities for students, academics and the public The Glenbow Western Research Centre at the University of Calgary will be housed in the Taylor Family Digital Library. University of Calgary photo The Glenbow Western Research Centre at the University of Calgary will be housed in the Taylor Family Digital Library. University of Calgary photo By University Relations Staff November 14, 2018 Two of western Canada’s leading learning institutions are creating an innovative approach to community-based research: the Glenbow Western Research Centre at the University of Calgary. Over the next two years, Glenbow’s Library and Archives will be relocated to the University of Calgary to provide the widest possible access to this remarkable collection. “This initiative will provide new opportunities for students, scholars and the public to access the historic Glenbow collections by housing them within our university’s archives,” said UCalgary President Elizabeth Cannon. “The Glenbow collections will elevate the University of Calgary’s Libraries and Cultural Resources, providing enhanced engagement with teaching, research and public interest in Western Canada.” This move to the university, for a 99-year period, closely aligns Glenbow’s collections with teaching and learning, and research interests at UCalgary. The relocation gives students easy access to another world-class collection and will benefit students in a wide range of disciplines including: local, regional and provincial history; social studies; cultural and social history; religious studies; geography; political science; military history and artifacts; and agriculture. “We are excited about this collaboration and the prominence the university is placing on these important research materials,” says Glenbow Board Chair Irfhan Rawji. “The university will be able to ensure greater public and academic access than Glenbow is currently able to provide. By leveraging this new space at the university to feature part of Glenbow’s collection, we can focus on ensuring other impressive aspects of our collection – such as our vast array of contemporary and historical art – have more room to be displayed in our building for the public to enjoy.” The collections include provincially owned archives currently held by Glenbow and stewarded in accordance with existing standards that Glenbow is responsible for providing under the Glenbow-Alberta Institute Act and its service agreement with the Province. The Province of Alberta has approved the relocation agreement. “The Glenbow Western Research Centre will ensure the long-term conservation of – and expanded public access to – these valuable records that help tell our shared stories and history,” said Ricardo Miranda, minister of culture and tourism for the Government of Alberta. “I support this initiative because it supports our government’s efforts to further enhance Alberta’s archives.” The addition of the Glenbow collections to the University of Calgary is made possible through the generous support of the Calgary community. Bill Siebens and family are providing support integral to the relocation. Other donors, passionate about preserving Western Canadian history and culture, may contribute to support the relocation of the collections to the university and their ongoing stewardship. “We were inspired to make this significant gift as we believe it is critical to preserve the valuable records and artifacts that illustrate who we are as Albertans; who we are as Western Canadians. With society moving at such an incredible pace, and with technology changing before our eyes, we felt a responsibility to preserve that which came before us so that future generations can explore, and learn from, the rich lessons of the past,” said Bill Siebens. “The cultural resources contained in the library and archives are treasured stories of families, of commerce, of struggle – all woven in with the innovation and progress that brought us to where we are today. We are proud that the centre will serve as an invaluable resource for students, faculty, researchers and the general public. We know that its vast archival holdings will help inform future decision-making related to all facets of community life.” The Glenbow Western Research Centre will be located in the Taylor Family Digital Library and the collections will be stewarded by experts in UCalgary’s Libraries and Cultural Resources. The transition will take place over the next two years, beginning in January 2019, with the new location expected to open in the fall of 2019. Details on the relocation will be available atucalgary.ca/glenbow to ensure smooth transition and clear access to materials. The Siebens family contribution is part of the university’s ongoing fundraising campaign, Energize: The Campaign for Eyes High. The campaign is currently at $1.126 billion towards its overall goal of $1.3 billion. About Energize: The Campaign for Eyes High Energize: The Campaign for Eyes High is the University of Calgary’s most ambitious fundraising campaign in its history. Funds raised through the campaign will support student experiences, research outcomes and community connections. Together we are fueling transformational change for the University of Calgary, our city, and beyond — inspiring discovery, creativity and innovation for generations to come. Formally launched in April 2016, the campaign is more than two thirds to its overall goal of $1.3 billion.
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