The Mariano A. Elia Chair in Italian-Canadian Studies, York University initiated a founding conference in Thunder Bay, Ontario on October 1-3, 2010. It was hosted by the Institute of Italian Studies and the Advanced Institute for Globalization and Culture (aig+c) at Lakehead University. The attending members unanimously agreed there was need for an Italian-Canadian archives project. The Italian-Canadian Archives Project (ICAP) officially began with a framework document in 2011, was then officially incorporated in 2013 and in 2016 became a Canadian not-for-profit organization.
What We Do
The Italian-Canadian Archives Project (ICAP) is a network of scholars, archivists and community organizers created to better collect and share historical material through community outreach and education.

We encourage families, communities and organizations to share historical items — documents, letters and photos — that capture the experiences of Italians in Canada with a local archive or museum. We’re here to help with the process and ensure that contributors are easily connected with the right organizations to better collect and share our history, or offer them the tools to do it themselves.

While our main focus is engaging Italian Canadians across Canada who are interested in contributing historic items with public archives, our network is also used to share news, events and expertise relevant to their communities.
Our members, including Board of Directors, local and international advisors, are established and emerging Italian-Canadian community leaders and scholars in the field of Italian-Canadian studies who strive to partner and connect with other interested individuals, community groups, organizations, and institutions across Canada.
ICAP supporters are organizations that have contributed to ICAP’s development and initiatives. In order to bring our message to communities across Canada, we partner with community and cultural organizations, archives, institutions and other related non-profits.
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