Join the effort to preserve the stories of Italians across Canada.

Experts and institutions across the country are working towards a national understanding of the Italian experience in Canada. Each of our stories is another piece of Canadian history that should be properly recorded in an archive and made available for researchers, communities and generations to come.

Plan an Archive Workshop

Bring our knowledge of archiving to your community.

We’re developing workshops and resources that help community organizations offer introductions to professional archiving. ICAP Workshops were designed to teach people the importance of history and proper archives, what to look for in historical items and how they can start doing it too. Plan a workshop yourself, it’s easy and enjoyable.

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Share an Item

Help us identify items that should be properly archived and studied.

Experts and institutions across Canada are painting a picture of the Italian experience in Canada. Our collective experiences are an important part of Canadian history and must be properly preserved in private and public archives, in academic research and through the stories we share. Bring family-held items forward through ICAP’s simple process.

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