Share An Item

How It Works

ICAP members help coordinate between contributors like you and archivists to grow and improve Italian-Canadian historical collections across the country. Not everyone knows what archives are looking for, why they are important, or how to find one. That’s where we come in.

Start with a quick review of your family mementos, records or photo albums. Identify what you wish to share, usually photos or documents that will be discarded or eventually forgotten. Then, fill out a contact form with the information we need to identify your items and we’ll try to connect you with an interested archivist, curator or librarian.

Why It Matters

Archivists and researchers across Canada are looking for more photos, documents, records, artworks and objects related to the lived experiences of Italians in Canada. Without your contributions, countless people, stories and accomplishments will be forgotten over time.

Items that are likely to be thrown out, damaged by air or weather conditions, or that will remain in home storage indefinitely are most at risk! They should be brought forward if at all possible. Once historical materials are gone, they’re gone for good. Our own stories along with them.

Step 1

Look around your house or ask relatives for any photos, documents or items that capture the experiences of Italian Canadians, then and now.

Step 2

Submit your contact information and an item description to ICAP so that the feedback process can begin. Note that your story and examples may be shared with others.

Step 3

Connect with the right archivist or expert that will take you through the process of contributing a piece of Italian-Canadian history.

Tell us your family’s Italian-Canadian story with a short narrative (50-100 words) and send us up to three examples of photos or documents that relate to that story. ICAP’s process provides feedback and next steps.

    Note: All information is encrypted and cannot be copied.