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Performigrations: People are the Territory

ICAP is honoured to be part of and to support the EU-sponsored Performigrations Project. The fundamental understanding of this project is that each immigrant is a performer, who adjusts to a new locale and forms a new role to play there. Similar to ICAP, Performigrations emphasizes that a country’s territory is its people, not its land and this project aims to make audiences aware of the complex ‘processes of change’ continually happening in the changing human territory.

Like ICAP, Performigrations is a network (of sixteen high-profile European and Canadian institutions). The aim of Performigrations is to investigate the societal themes of ‘mobility’ (both cultural and technological), and ‘immigration and identity’. This multi-layered network project is coordinated by the University of Bologna and focuses on the changes in the human territory of seven cities in Europe and Canada: Athens, Bologna, Klagenfurt, Lisbon, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. Seven artists will be chosen through competitions in each locale and together they will conceptualize an art installation accessible through open-source platforms.

Geo-location technologies will display old and new forms of storytelling about the impact on immigrants of a new locale and through changing roles, the contribution of immigrants to the places they choose to live.

Dr. Angela Clarke, Museum Curator, Vancouver Italian Cultural Centre and ICAP Board Member, is organizing the competition to select the Performigrations’ artist in Vancouver and she will develop an exhibition in August, 2015, hosted at the Centre on “European-Canadians: Heritage on Show”.

Please contact Angela for more information and to provide support:

Dr. Angela Clarke
Museum Curator
Italian Cultural Centre
Vancouver, B.C.

For more general information about Performigrations and ICAP, please contact:

Dr. Maria Cioni
Secretary, ICAP