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The Italian-Canadian Archives Project (ICAP) is a leader that inspires collaborative engagement across Canada to preserve Italian-Canadian heritage for the future.


The Italian-Canadian Archives Project (ICAP) carries out its vision through a national Canadian charitable network that connects and engages communities, local groups, individuals, experts and relevant institutions – such as archives or museums – in order to safely preserve and make accessible Italian-Canadian heritage.


ICAP is a national charitable organization regulated by By-laws. It is governed by a Board of Directors, of whom the President, Vice-Presidents, Secretary and Treasurer form the Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee has the responsibility to carry on the daily work of ICAP.  Terms of office are 2 years. An Annual General Meeting of members is held once a year. Donations made to ICAP are eligible for tax-receipts. 


Local Committees are governed by the ICAP mandate and By-laws. They represent ICAP on the ground.

Local Committees work with local groups, individuals, archives or other professional institutions to identify, secure and document local Italian-Canadian stories.  With consultation and approval from the ICAP Executive and Board, they also raise money locally for the projects they prioritize. 

The membership of local ICAP Committees is made up of individuals in the local community. All Committee members must be ICAP members in good standing. Local ICAP committees select a Chair from among the Committee and hold meetings as required. Minutes of those meetings are taken so that there is a record of any decisions made.  Committees present updates regularly at ICAP meetings and present a detailed report of their activities at the ICAP AGM. 

Don’t see your community on our list of committees?

ICAP is always interested in opening new local committees! If you are interested in starting a local committee:

  1. Reach out to ICAP and schedule a meeting with the Executive to discuss your options and learn more about how ICAP can help you
  2. Bring together local individuals, community or club/association leadership and experts to discuss the forming of a group to identify and document local Italian-Canadian stories
  3. Introduce ICAP as the umbrella organization with whom the new group will become a Local ICAP Committee.  Inform all individuals on the committee they must be members of ICAP
  4. Once the committee is struck, an orientation meeting will be scheduled in conjunction with the ICAP Executive. This will include discussions about planning and timelines for your local project initiatives

The ICAP Board and Executive are here to guide you every step of the way. We look forward to hearing from you!