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Dear ICAP Members and Supporters,

Given the uncertainty that the COVID19 pandemic has created, the 10th anniversary Conference Showcase will be postponed until September 2021. However, plans for a virtual AGM are expected to proceed and news will follow.

ICAP has endeavored to complete very important work during the last ten years; slowly, but surely. It has brought together communities, individuals, and experts as part of an effort to secure the Italian-Canadian contribution to Canada’s narrative, past and present. Via ICAP’s website (, we continue moving forward with projects in our local ICAP Communities and consolidating our online presence.

Moving forward, ICAP is pleased to announce the May 1st launch of our sister site, namely, the Italian-Canadian Narratives Showcase (ICNS), that will be available directly from ICAP’s homepage. This platform will showcase a variety of projects completed by our ICAP communities, collaborators, and members. A few projects will be available for viewing initially and this will grow. For those who wish to undertake new projects, ICAP is currently finalizing all pertinent details for vetting; to be made available by clicking on TOOLKIT. There you will find information on how to collect and organize relevant documents; how to record stories via social media devices and more; then, where to send for final review and approval on the site. The ICNS Advisory Board comprised of ICAP Board Members, affiliated experts, and volunteers will provide feedback concerning submissions.

So, please renew or become an ICAP member as soon as possible. During COVID19, undertaking a small project with friends and family or among the members of your ICAP committee will keep you active, invigorate your days and ensure that we keep on course for documenting the Italian-Canadian contribution to Canada’s narrative, past and present.

To contact us, please write to


New publication. Foodways Worldwide: The Dispersal of Italian Cuisine; edited by Roberta Iannacito-Provenzano and Gabriele Scardellato; published by Soleil Publishing (Welland, ON), 2019.

ICAP collaborator, Ontario Historical Society launches the Ontario History Journal Digital Archive, the largest collection of articles on Ontario’s History.  For information see: For access to back issues, see:

From ICAP London. On March 4th, 2020, ICAP London hosted author Nino Ricci, author of award-winning novel The Origin of Species and of the Lives of the Saints trilogy, the latter adapted as a miniseries starring Sophia Loren. To begin proceedings, three local community members spoke briefly, each recounting some interesting episodes of their lives. The author then took the stage and spoke to community members and students about how his trilogy, of which Lives of the Saints is the first volume, was born from a series of meetings and interviews with Italians who had settled in Canada. This event took place as a complement to the “Stories of Italian-Canadians” course at Western University and was the last such student and community event possible prior to the pandemic emergency measures taken in Ontario.