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ICAP Chat with Adriana Davies on “Alberta’s Italian History”

Date: June 16, 2021
Location: Online Event

Join ICAP members Antonella Fanella and Maria Cioni as they engage Adriana Davies in discussing her findings. 5pm Alberta Time (7pm EDT)

“I want to make the people who lived ‘Alberta’s Italian history’ come alive,” says the author and ICAP member. Inspired by her family’s story and her new book, Dr. Davies will talk about why it is important to contribute to the Italian-Canadian historical narrative and how her research went beyond archives and museums to weave community histories and family material into her book. Adriana’s work– to find, identify and bring together a vast array of materials– ensures that Alberta’s Italian-Canadian narrative will not be lost.

Join ICAP members Antonella Fanella, author of “With Heart and Soul Calgary’s Italian Community” and Maria Cioni, author of “Spaghetti Western How my Father brought Italian Food to the West” as they engage Adriana Davies about her new book, “From Sojourners to Citizens, Alberta’s Italian History”.

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