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The Italian Canadian Archives Project Ninth National Conference at Brock University

ICAP has been slowly growing its community network across Canada, with Alberta and Manitoba creating their own ICAP committees in 2018 and the University of Calgary in collaboration with the Calgary Italian Club co-hosting an extraordinarily successful 8th conference, August 24-26, 2018, on the theme of Italian-Canadian Experiences: Today’s Legacy, Strengths and Risks. We invite you to read the conference summary at Continuing on the strength of all its previous conferences, ICAP is now pleased to announce its Call for Presentations (CFP) for the 9th annual conference and AGM, to be held in St. Catharines, Ontario on October 25th-26th, 2019, hosted by the Brock University on the theme of Italian-Canadian Experiences in Canada’s Work Force. Presentations focusing on industrialization and contributions by Italians in the Niagara Region will be given special consideration. The 9th Conference plans to feature the history and the many contributions of the Italian worker to their local communities and in particular, to the Niagara Region. Archival evidence (such as letters, family photographs) of Italians in Canada during any of the waves of immigration that demonstrate their contributions to industrial projects, loss of work during WWII, or as fallen workers are welcome. We invite all those with interest and evidence of Italian immigration and work experience in Ontario and across Canada—students, local community groups, artists, authors, poets, archivists and academics alike—to participate actively and share their perspectives and stories. 9th annual CFP—click here.