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Spring 2021 President Update & Announcements

Greetings to all! ICAP is delighted to report the following:

1) The Mariano A. Elia Chair has renewed its support for an ICAP grant writer; Sharon Findlay was rehired and immediately applied to the YCW’s program for 2021.

2) Congratulations to Teresa Russo and to her students who were named young leaders of 2020 in heritage conservation. Teresa expressed her many thanks to Marcus Stock and Emily Gilbert for their support during my time at UC, to Sandra Parmegiani for including undergraduate research with the ICNS project at Guelph University, to archivists David Sharron at Brock University and Charlotte Chaffey at the Royal Ontario Museum who always welcomed CDN240 students in the archives, and to Carmela Colella at Brock University for nominating all the students who made contributions to ARICIC issues one and two. (More issues to come; students at Brock University just completed projects on ethnic and gender inequality in sports and decolonizing high performance sports in anticipation of the Canada Summer Games 2022 to Niagara.) “UofT celebrates” will be honoring the UC recipients as well. Here is part of the text of her official announcement:

Elizabeth Colantoni, Sam Caravaggio, and Daniella Pace of Brock University and Christina Ioanna Coutsougeras; Cristian Delfino; Stefania Di Leo; Natasha Fares; Samantha Greco; Sebastian Gri; Fiona McLean; Joseph Rossi; Carmen Russo; Garima Saini; Faye Varanesi; and Mackenzie Velocci of University College received the Lieutenant Governor’s Ontario Heritage Youth Achievement and Young Leaders Award for their contributions to Archival Research of Italian-Canadian Immigration and Culture(ARICIC).

Below is the statement from the Ontario Heritage Trust and the official photograph of all the recipients at the February 18 virtual ceremony with Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, and John Ecker, Chair of OHT, presiding.

Statement from Lieutenant Governor of Ontario and Ontario Heritage Trust:

The Ontario Heritage Trust recognizes that “The Archival Research of Italian-Canadian Immigration and Culture Project identifies and preserves the cultural heritage of Italian-Canadian immigration in Ontario, and shares these stories at conferences and through an online archive. The students’ work is supported by Brock University, University College (University of Toronto) and the University of Guelph. The students’ research unearthed oral traditions, expressions, language, art, music, social practices and traditions in Ontario’s historical Italian-Canadian community. These stories fit within a breadth and range of heritage interests. Through their academic projects, students have created oral histories and have included new archives, which include materials such as passports, photographs and educational training documents from private collections of immigrant families, as well as union documents and local heritage club activities. The students’ work has preserved historical documents, archives and oral histories, and has made these resources easily available to an international audience through an online platform.”

2020 recipients – Ontario Heritage TrustYouth Achievement – Individual Charlene Rocha Charlene Rocha is a community organizer and public speaker at St. Mary Catholic Secondary School in Pickering, whose dedication to the conservation of the natural environment has inspired the student body, and whose leadership and community organizing skills are having a substantial impact on the wider Pickering

3) New publication by Adriana Davies titled From Sojourners to Citizens: Alberta’s Italian History, which includes the story of Gene Cioni, in the context of tradesmen and entrepreneurs.

From Sojourners to Citizens: Alberta’s Italian History – Guernica EditionsFrom Sojourners to Citizens: Alberta’s Italian History brings to life the untold story of Italian immigrants in Alberta from the 1880s to the present. It places them in the narrative of province building from work on railways, mines and other industries to breaking the land for

4) April 8, 22, 29, 2021. Dr. Adriana Davies presents online reading and lectures based on her new book. Please see visit the Canmore Museum and instructions for registration on EVENTBRITE.

Progress continuing on the following projects:

1) Inventory and archival placement of Leopoldo Mascioli artefacts and documentation

2) Negotiations concerning the placement of and possible destination exhibit of the Franco Grosso cart at Canadian Museum of History

3) ICAP Waterloo committee.  Established and renowned poet, Dr. Anna Ciardullo Villapiana, and an esteemed teacher and community leader, Prof. Stella Paola, are in the process of collecting objects and memorabilia from the local Italian-Canadian community.  The project has been conceived as a “studio poetico”, a poetic space which, questioning the symbolic function of migratory objects and the enduring sense of identity they bestow on their holders, intends to restore the lyrical sense of journeying through these secluded relics of the soul, rediscovering in so doing perhaps previously unseen lines and shades. Objects, heirlooms, relics, memories of wandering, settling, and returning whose tales by the owners we interviewed will be masterfully etched by the sensory ink of poetry.

4) TLN, soon to become ICAP’s official media partner with lecture and destination viewing of Sbarco a Ellis Island,planned for June 2021, Italian Heritage Month.

Membership renewal underway! We invite to you renew here: