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As an ICAP member, you benefit from the resources and expertise of like-minded community members and experts across Canada.

As a member, you have full access to:

Projects & Instructional Models

The Projects & Instructional Models section brings together and exhibits models, examples and ideas of Italian-Canadian projects by individuals and community members that demonstrate different ways in which archival and family materials may be used to reach broader audiences. They provide examples of what has been done, what we can learn from it, and how it can be adapted or replicated. Projects published in this section are submitted to and approved by a diverse advisory committee of ICAP members.


The Toolkits section provides tangible resources that can help launch your next project. Resources in this section include step-by-step instructions, templates, blank worksheets, and other items on a wide array of topics. Contributions to the Toolkits are curated by the ICAP executive and reflect the vast experience and expertise of the ICAP membership.

List Serv

ICAP members can connect with like-minded community researchers, scholars, and heritage professionals working on Italian-Canadian research projects; disseminate information on upcoming projects or events; and share or consult for information using our internal members-only List Serv. This is a direct line to a national network of individual and institutional experts in the field of Italian-Canadian heritage.