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New publication on British Columbia’s Italian Canadian football club

ICAP members will be interested in a recently published book by Joe Cuzzetto titled “The Columbus Football Club: Our Story”. This book is both a personal and historical depiction of the Columbus Football Club since its inception.

ICAP’s own Gabriele Niccoli observes that “under the guise of soccer, the volume is, as far as the early years of the iconic Columbus team are concerned (the fifties and sixties), a veritable treasure house of archival information, both pictorial and anecdotal, about the state of the Italian immigrants in the lower mainland of British Columbia.”

With over 200 pages including hundreds of photos, articles and stories, this hardcover coffee table book tells the story of how the East Vancouver club first inspired the Italian immigrants of the 1950s and 60s and then goes on to unravel the significant impact made on Canadian soccer.

To read more and order the book: